10 Reasons You Need an Executive Business and Life Coach

“Coaching” has been the buzzword in the business world for many years now. Just like “financial investor” or “consultant” used to be the latest and greatest, you can now add “coach” to the list. Whether a person has an instant positive or less than favorable reaction to the title, the fact is that hiring a […]

10 Top Tips to Stay Focused this week…

Ever seem a little scattered? Do your business goals seem elusive and just out of reach? Are you frustrated at the end of the day because you never completed what you needed to? Are you so scattered that you don’t even have time to read this post? If so, then here are the Top Ten […]

Needed… A Few Good Goals

How do you determine if your goal is worthy of your focus and hard work? Once you set a goal and start to share it with others, you will be tested by four different groups of people. If you are still excited after sharing it with all four, then chances are it is a great goal for you to work towards. […]

Men, Women, and Relationships – Find Humor In Your Differences!

Tune in to overhear a deep and meaningful conversation between Elaine & Roger. You will laugh out loud as you hear the differences between the male and female perspectives. Finding humor in your relationships will add many happy years to it!

Hesitation is the leading cause of roadkill

What’s the surest way to chip away at your self-esteem?  You guessed it: hesitation!  Join me as we look at how hesitation –a by-product of not being clear on what you want– leads to self-doubt and what you can do about it.  

What’s so funny about that???

What’s so funny about that??? Here is a great litte 5-minute motivator to stimulate some thoughts on how to add value in the workplace and be remembered through humor! Enjoy, have an outstanding day and continue to evolve to greater levels of success!

Are Ants invading your personal space???

Our thoughts are just like ANTS. Those Automatic Negative ThoughtS (A.N.T.S.) are constantly on the move looking for something sweet to feed on. A person’s brain is always thinking and creating new thoughts and beliefs, even while we sleep.   Learning to direct our thoughts to those healthy food sources will lead to a more […]

Evolution For Success’ podcast is now live!

Evolution for Success’ podcast is now live!  Check it out! Evolution For Success’ Motivation and Success Podcast This new episode is about managing fear and eliminating procrastination.

Personal Motivation Podcast by Chuck Morrison

Let me introduce you to an amazing guy, Chuck Morrison.  I think you’ll agree that his energy, enthusiasm and motivation for life are infectious.   I love to remind my clients that, “Your success in life is directly proportional to the amount of risk and uncertainty you can manage.” and Chuck certainly exemplifies that saying.  […]