Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

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Executive and Business Coaching will help you achieve professional success in your job and your businessExecutive Coaching (or leadership coaching as it can be called) can help you develop the skills, strategies and knowledge you need to gain awareness and clarity in order to take focused, consistent actions to achieve your professional goals.


Not only will you set more aggressive goals for yourself, but you will remain focused and energized, allowing you to get greater results, faster and easier.


Our coaching clients are successful senior level executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want to take themselves and/or their business to the next level.

Typically, they are doing well, but they want to improve. Some of them are not fully satisfied with their productivity or their level of income. Some would like to overcome a specific fear or doubt. Others find it difficult to stay focused and maintain their level of motivation.


They might want to:

  • Make more money
  •  Expand their business
  •  Transition out of their current job or career
  •  Communicate more effectively in their business  & Personal lives
  •  Improve decision-making, leadership, or time management skills
  •  Increase their personal effectiveness, focus and motivation
  •  Develop strategies to succeed both professionally and personally
  •  Develop more effective relationships with the people around them

Instead of focusing on a past that cannot be changed, Executive Coaching will keep you focused on creating your future. 


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Executive Coaching Results

“As a business owner, parent & spouse it is challenging to be highly effective in all the roles in my life. I hired James to be my personal coach more than 10 years ago and I have consistently relied on his guidance since then.

This is not enough room to write the words to describe the awesome counsel I have received over the years both personally and professionally.

If you are worth the investment than you need to invest in having James keep you on the path to become the best “You” possible.

Thanks James for being there always to support and challenge me to be the best I can be. I am very fortunate to have you as my coach.”  —Brian TarpeyPresident of The Tarpey Group, LLC


“James has been very valuable in helping me achieve results I had been looking forward to producing for a long time. I truly appreciate him for his insights into my situation, his great advice and above all his role in expanded a very fulfilling part of my life. I am forever grateful.” —Michael Nicolls, Software Engineer at Technology Partners and Computer Software Consultant



“When I worked with James a few years back, I had no idea about his history of outstanding accomplishments. In retrospect, it’s no surprise that he’s not only knowledgeable as a coach, but he knows how to elicit strategies that work to get real results. Thank-you James!” —Mathias Muleme Ssenabulya, PRPC Senior System Architect



Use Executive Coaching to:

Leadership Coaching & Executive Coaching can help you take your career to the next level

>>  Generate more business!

>>  Improve your Productivity!

>>  Maintain Your Focus!

>>  Get and Stay Motivated!

Whether you are looking to achieve your professional or business goals faster, expand your business, motivate and reenergize your team to maximize sales, or create an employee coaching program to improve performance and help your people reach their full potential, executive coaching is the answer to taking yourself and your business to the next level.


Executive Coaching Results

“You’ve been very supportive during a transitional time. [You] gave me tools and taught me methods to deal with my overwhelm. Looking back, without your help, I would have given up and would have stuck with status quo.[…] By the way, check out the title under my name, “VP” 😉 I want you to know that you have a huge part on that…”  — H. O. Vice President, Leading Corporate and Investment Banking Corporation


“Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff from the coaching they got… managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.”    — FORTUNE Magazine  


“Coaching keeps me focused, motivated, and excited. I have found my smile again and I am enjoying creating an incredible business and life for my family.”  — J.M. San Diego, CALIFORNIA


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