Success Coaching Packages

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Our approach to success coaching makes all the difference!!!

1) – We combine the power of executive coaching & personal coaching with a daily or weekly accountability system tailor-made for you and your situation.

It allows you to focus on making consistent changes daily to build the new habits and behaviors necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.

2) – We only take a limited number of clients to insure you get the personal service and attention you need to achieve breakthrough results.

Experience Success coaching with Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

You will not only gain clarity and focus, but you will have the motivation you need to take massive action toward what you want.

Consistent, personal contact and high accountability means that you will identify, address and resolve any obstacle promptly, so you can keep moving forward. You will gain momentum and stay motivated to continue to take focused action day after day, allowing you to create the life you really want instead of settling for “good enough”.  You will get results!


Are you ready to roll up your sleeve and do the work? Are you ready to break through procrastination or self-doubt and get some actual results?

Choose the elite Success Coaching package that’s the best fit for you!


Platinum package – Limit 5 Clients

    • 4 strategy sessions a month (a 45 min. session each week)
    • Daily accountability
    • Unlimited access to me via phone
    • 2 Daily one on one check-in calls with James to review results, tweak strategies, and stay fired up


Gold package – Limit 10 Clients

    • 4 strategy sessions a month (a 45 min. session each week)
    • Daily accountability via voicemail and email
    • Priority availability -Same Day response – Monday – Friday  8 am to 8 pm


Silver package – Based on availability

    • 2 strategy sessions a month (45 min.)
    • 24 hr response time – Monday – Friday


Success Coaching Testimonials

“James has been my personal and business coach for the last 5 years. The reason I continue to use his services is I continue to see the value in what he does. In working with James I have found him to be one of the most passionate, honest and caring people I have ever met. If you are looking to get to the next level in your business or are just looking to live a more happy and fulfilling life I would strongly recommend giving his services a try.”  —Thomas Esposito, One Source Solutions Consultant at Paychex


“You could not ask for a more inspiring person than James, for mentoring you and your family. Or taking it to a larger level and having him mentoring your business. He is a man of many words, the words that we all need to hear… Regards” —Rudy Lucero, Lean Concepts, MTD Products


“James is an excellent motivator and coach. He provided me with the tools to succeed and attain my objectives.” Garth Napier, Assistant Director at MOE


“James is a knowledgeable and effective coach. He is able to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the problem and formulate a solution very quickly. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for results.” Christopher Murillo, PMP, Director of Business Development at AGS


“James is an excellent business and life coach. He has helped me achieve some lofty business and personal goals in the past year and I am continually amazed how the accountability and his insightful suggestions can make such a difference in the likelihood that I will stay on track for accomplishing the things that are important, but difficult for me. Hiring James has been a great investment for me!” — Jennifer Spencer,Broker, Spencer Properties


“Thank you again for all of your help in 2010! Our company experienced a 15% increase in new patients! I look forward to working with you in 2011!”  — Nathan DeLorey, DeLorey Chiropractic Clinic WISCONSIN

Success coaching focuses on:

  • Gaining clarity and focus on what it is you’re want to achieve
  • Setting aggressive goals for yourself or your business
  • Getting motivated to act on specific strategies
  • Taking action and creating momentum
  • Staying on track by creating some accountability

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