Executive Coaching Webinars

Wednesdays @ 9PM EST


Vertical Coherence*:

Align your goals, purpose & life!

*Part 2 of the Morning CEO Routine Webinar

Feeling unsteady, uncertain & unfocused?

Is life out of balance?

All work and no play?

Not enough work and too much time on your hands?


Discover the secret to all goal achievement: Vertical Coherence!


You will learn:

What is vertical coherence?

Lag Goals VS Lead Goals

Why most people fail to plan effectively

How to create a plan for congruent yearly, monthly, weekly & daily actions

Full integration of these concepts into the CEO Morning Routine

The power of Focus created by alignment of goals


Achieve a Life full of Happy Relationships,

Financial Growth, Focused Career Path,

Spiritual Connection, Physical Energy & Emotional Health.





July 19th: Auditory Clearing Tools*-the Solfeggio Scale, emotional clearing & chakras
*Addendum to the Achieve Anything Now Program