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Behavioral Assessment and Hiring Assessment

Our superior behavioral assessment and hiring assessment help increase your team’s productivity and save money by hiring the right person for the job and reducing employee turnover.

Behavioral assessment and hiring assessment will help you hire the right person for your business>>  Identify the right candidate for the job!  

>>  Maximize your Performance!  

>>  Raise your bottom line!  

>>  Minimize Turnover!


The DiSC® Behavioral Assessment assesses individual behavioral characteristics in four areas: problem solving, influence, steadiness and compliance. Assessing employees strengths and weaknesses allows for better communication, increased productivity, lower employee turnover, and happier clients.

The Sure Hire Assessment is a superior hiring assessment and a complete evaluation tool to assess a candidates suitability for a job position.  Its unique triple check system ensures you get the right person for the job.


The Sure Hire Behavioral Assessment Package Includes:

  • DiSC® Behavioral Assessment: assesses individual behavioral characteristics
  • Basic Myers-Briggs Indicators
  • NLP Metaprograms Assessment: defines how people sort, organize, & process information
  • Values, Rules, & Beliefs Assessment to define what drives a person to achieve
  • One-hour Coaching session with your hiring manager to apply results
  • Money Back Guarantee! If you are not happy, receive a full refund.

Multiple report packages and daily rates also available.


Behavioral Assessment & Hiring Assessment Reviews

“After taking and issuing dozens of behavioral tests, it was refreshing to get a deeper look into our candidate’s behavior. I feel this service is extremely valuable for companies who are vested in their employees, as well as their business as a whole. It’s one thing to read or scan a DiSC® report, but Evolution for Success provided targeted insight into how candidate’s characteristics would meld within our culture, expectations, and our individual traits. I plan on utilizing the same service for each new hire, as our most valuable asset is our employees.”       — J.H., Entrepreneur


“This assessment took months off the amount of time it would have taken me to understand [our candidates]’s strengths and weaknesses!”         — M.B. Staffing Firm Dallas, TEXAS


“James’ SureHire Behavioral Assessment has been invaluable to me and my company. It has helped us hire and retain the best employees for COMM Engineering. His knowledge, professionalism and quality service motivates me even more to use his services. 

His work with me as a Business Coach has greatly improved my performance, understanding of people and increased company profits.
I highly recommend James Murphy!” —
Brian BoyerPrincipal, COMM Engineering



Hypnosis Downloads

7 Steps to Get Motivated to Take Action and Reach Your GoalsPre Race Anxiety: Being an avid runner myself, I created this download for myself and for my clients to eliminate any Pre-race anxiety they may experience the night prior to a big race.

In addition to guided meditation download, you will get a Pre-race packing checklist. Email me for more details.


For more information about our Behavioral Assessment or Hiring Assessment, call 919-745-7569  


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