Executive Coaching & Life Coaching for business leaders

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Executive coaching, personal coaching and life coaching will help your career

->  Are you feeling stuck in your current career or job?

->  Are you wrestling with procrastination, overwhelm, self-doubt, lack of direction, or lack of motivation?

->  Are you frustrated with the quality of your relationships in your business or in your personal life?

->  Are you dissatisfied with the effectiveness of your communication with your colleagues, your employees, or the people around you?

->  Do you have someone you trust on your side? Someone impartial? Someone solely invested in your success? Someone who listens and supports you, but also pushes you beyond the obvious & helps you maintain the mindset to persevere?


Executive Coaching & Life Coaching can help you take your game to the next level by helping you develop more effective behaviors!


Whether you’re talking about executive coaching, leadership coaching, personal coaching or life coaching, the purpose of coaching is to create behavioral change. An executive coach will not solve your problems, but he or she will increase your ability to solve your own problems. 

Maybe you would like to gain clarity and focus about your job, your business, your career, or even your relationships, or you want to maintain the motivation to take consistent action in order to achieve financial freedom, as an executive coach and life coach, James will give you the tools & strategies you need to overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve breakthrough results!

Use Executive Coaching or Personal Coaching to resolve the real underlying issues stopping you from achieving your professional and personal goals!  

Our approach to coaching revolves around:

  • Real world strategies and practical advice so you move from thinking about your problems to taking action and solving them
  • An accountability system that guarantees you will see results, stay motivated and focused
  • Fresh perspective to challenge your limiting beliefs and negative habits
  • Support when you actually need it.


Real Coaching Results! 

“James is the ultimate coach and I recommend him for anyone looking to take their game to the next level with breakthrough results.”  — Sean Douglas, CFO of Providence Physician Services


“James is an amazing coach. It doesn’t matter what my challenge is, James has the skills, ability, and heart to help me. He seems to always know the right question to ask or the right thing to say. The fact that James has advanced training in coaching and NLP is a definite advantage over other coaches. If anyone is struggling to design the life s/he deserves and wants to make lasting changes toward accomplishing goals, I would highly recommend working with James!” Linda Duffy, Strategic HR Consultant; Recruiter; Trainer


“If you are considering working with James I recommend that you get started – the sooner you begin the sooner you will experience success!”  Barbara Traines, Chief Operations Manager, Your Home Solution LLC


“James, This has been an amazing and awesome adventure having you as my personal coach. As a result of your coaching, I found my Dream Job in two months! After I lost my wife to cancer you helped put my life into perspective. Your uncanny ability to ask the right question blows me away. Your coaching gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to reach deep inside and become the person I knew I could be. Thanks always.” — Whit K. Financial Planner. 


“Thanks for another great year of coaching! I’m sure you’ll want to give me all the credit, but considering what I’ve gone through this year, without your help I may have ended up divorced, unemployed, and in foreclosure. Instead, I’m standing on the brink of the most spectacular year of my life!” — Mike S. Project Manager 


Ready to raise the bar for yourself and for your business?

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Executive Coach, Leadership Coaching

As an executive coach and business coach James will challenge you and help you succeed in your jobJames has successfully coached professionals, business owners as well as senior executives from leading corporations such as General Mills, Dish Networks, and Societe Generale for over 10 years. When working with entrepreneurs and business leaders James’ specializes in helping his clients achieve massive results in productivity, successful career transitions, job satisfaction, professional development, wealth as well as work/life balance.

Life Coach, Personal Coaching

Ready to create the life your really want? Life coaching can increase your self confidence, get into a relationship or develop better relationshipsHailed as one of the top personal coaches by executives, entrepreneurs and individuals alike, James helps his clients address personal issues such as procrastination, overwhelm, self-esteem, self-doubt, frustration, anger, fear, limiting beliefs and communication to eliminate the personal obstacles standing in their way of living a life full of passion.


The key to getting better results is to change your behavior. You will develop the skills, strategies, and knowledge you need to gain awareness and clarity in order to take focused and consistent actions to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our clients not only set more aggressive goals for themselves, but they remain focused and energized, allowing them to get greater results, faster and easier.

…More Executive Coaching & Personal Coaching Results!

“James is an excellent business and life coach. He has helped me achieve some lofty business and personal goals in the past year and I am continually amazed how the accountability and his insightful suggestions can make such a difference in the likelihood that I will stay on track for accomplishing the things that are important, but difficult for me. Hiring James has been a great investment for me!”  Jennifer Spencer,Broker, Spencer Properties, Raleigh NC


“James is an excellent motivator and coach. He provided me with the tools to succeed and attain my objectives.”  Garth Napier, Assistant Director at MOE -Environmental Services, Canada


“James has been my personal and business coach for the last 5 years. The reason I continue to use his services is I continue to see the value in what he does. In working with James I have found him to be one of the most passionate, honest and caring people I have ever met. If you are looking to get to the next level in your business or are just looking to live a more happy and fulfilling life I would strongly recommend giving his services a try.”  Thomas Esposito, One Source Solutions Consultant at Paychex, New Jersey


Coaching keeps me focused, motivated, and excited. I have found my smile again and I am enjoying creating an incredible business and life for my family.” — J.M. San Diego, California