Life Coaching & Personal Coaching.

Life Coaching or Personal Coaching is about personal development. It’s about personal growth and personal improvement.

Whether you are frustrated with yourself because you keep procrastinating, you’re wrestling with low self-confidence or are experiencing self-doubt, or you feel overwhelmed, the purpose of coaching is to help you create behavioral change.

Personal coaching targets the specific behavior(s) that undermine your ability to have the life you really want.

Life coaching is about investing in yourself.

There is a joke in the coaching community that goes like this:

How many Life Coaches does it take to change a light bulb? None! They all sit around and ask the light bulb questions until it realizes it can change itself!   –Anonymous

Although asking questions is a crucial part of Personal or Life Coaching, asking the RIGHT questions is the key to success. To be effective, a Life Coach must be able to clearly see past the obvious symptoms and identify the root cause of the problem. Being able to see patterns of behavior quickly and having a deep understanding of human psychology means clients get results quicker and get results that stick.