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Blogs are wonderful, but due to their nature they can sometimes bury some of the best posts as they scroll chronologically.  So to make it easier for new readers, I’ve gathered some of the most popular posts as well as different articles of value.

Executive Coaching, Business Coaching & Life Coaching:

 What is Life Coaching?

8 Reasons NOT to Hire an Executive Coach

How To Be Your Own Executive Coach

How do you rate a prospective coach?

Is Life Coaching or Executive Coaching Effective?  Experts speak out

The Secret Sauce: Executive Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & a background with Anthony Robbins®

Communication and Networking:

5 Communication Bunders Guaranteed to Torpedo Your Networking Efforts

Are You Making This Sales and Marketing Mistake?

Avoid This Networking Blunder: Don’t Ask This Question!


Trouble Getting Motivated? 7 Steps to Get Pumped Up

5 Ways to Fail this Year

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem:

4 Steps to Increase Your Self-Confidence Today!

The Side Benefit of Keeping Your Word: Self-Confidence

Beliefs / Overcoming Obstacles:

How to Save a Drowning Rat?

Which Beliefs Drive You?

Goal Setting:

Fail-Proof Your New Year’s Resolution

Set Bigger Goals!!!!

Are You Getting the Results You Want?


The Top Ten Disempowering Emotions: What Are they Trying to Tell Us? 

Are You In Control of Your Emotions or Are Your Emotions in Control of You?

Are you Running from your Problems?

Financial Mastery:

 The 3 Principles of Wealth 


Everything I need in life I learned from “The Matrix”

There is a Miracle Pill after all…

 Is Your Child or Teen Acting Out?