Men, Women, and Relationships – Find Humor In Your Differences!

Tune in to overhear a deep and meaningful conversation between Elaine & Roger. You will laugh out loud as you hear the differences between the male and female perspectives. Finding humor in your relationships will add many happy years to it!

What’s so funny about that???

What’s so funny about that??? Here is a great litte 5-minute motivator to stimulate some thoughts on how to add value in the workplace and be remembered through humor! Enjoy, have an outstanding day and continue to evolve to greater levels of success!

Tips For a Better Relationship… Laugh a little

So there was a fish swimming along in life one day and suddenly he hit a wall…He yelped, “Dam.” One of the greatest skills for a happy life is finding the humor and irony in the situations we find ourselves in. It is easier to take life in stride when we find a way to […]