Do You Hate Hallmark Holidays? Unleash New Passion on Valentine’s Day!

Is it time to shake things up in your love life and create more passion, fun, and  intimacy?  Relationships can’t be sustained on past memories or with the same gifts year after year.  So step outside of the ‘Hallmark-Have-tos” and do something different this year!     Tony Robbins likes to say, “Your life is […]

10 Top Tips to Stay Focused this week…

Ever seem a little scattered? Do your business goals seem elusive and just out of reach? Are you frustrated at the end of the day because you never completed what you needed to? Are you so scattered that you don’t even have time to read this post? If so, then here are the Top Ten […]

Tips For a Better Relationship… It is never too late to address an issue with your spouse

One of the cornerstones of a great relationship is communication and one of the hardest times to communicate is when there is an issue that is emotionally charged. In those moments, chances are that whoever is more of the introverted personality type will close up and not speak while the other person expresses everything that […]

Tips For a Better Relationship… It’s About How Your Partner Feels, Not Just What You Do

To you guys out there, When it comes to the women we love, when they are in their feminine energy, they feel and experience life from one emotion to another without much logic. (for you women reading, this is how it should be because we need your passion and emotional energy, it feeds us). That […]

Relationship Special: Rekindle The Passion With Your Wife!

Are you dreading going home at the end of the day? Are you scared of how your wife may react to your choices and decisions? Are you stressed, finding it easier to go to work than be at home? Are you looking at other women and feeling tempted? Is your wife nagging you constantly? Or […]

What Are Your Actions Showing Your Partner

“All work is an act of philosophy.” -Ayn Rand What you pursue with your career, social life, finances, relationships today is an act of your underlying philosophy of that area of life. If you are engaged in your relationships, that is an act (or action) that reflects your underlying philosophy (thoughts and beliefs) about what […]

Tips For a Better Relationship… Laugh a little

So there was a fish swimming along in life one day and suddenly he hit a wall…He yelped, “Dam.” One of the greatest skills for a happy life is finding the humor and irony in the situations we find ourselves in. It is easier to take life in stride when we find a way to […]

How do you build a great relationship?

How was the Great Wall of China built? One brick at a time. Do you have something that is a HUGE goal? Something that is exciting, marvelous, and larger than your life right now? How are you going to get there? One Action at a time. It is really overused but honestly, all that we […]

Relationship Coaching

I love the movie Band of Brothers and think of it often in terms of the psychology that is shared by the type of entrepreneurial spirit we have in this country. For the person who is willing to go out and make a difference, you have to be strong, confident and focused on a vision, […]

Tips For a Better Relationship… Live With Honor

For you men out there…here is what a woman will find attractive! Are you living with honor as you try for a quick pick-up? Are you living with honor when you go into hiding because she is in a heightened emotional state? Are you living with honor when you look in the mirror everyday? A […]

Tips For a Better Relationship…Stay On Your Purpose

As man in a relationship it is easy to forget that You are the Master of your Fate and the Commander of Your Soul. It is so critical for the man to be on his purpose in life first in order to be strong, confident and lead effectively. It is on your shoulders to constantly […]