Tips For a Better Relationship… Live With Honor

For you men out there…here is what a woman will find attractive!

Are you living with honor as you try for a quick pick-up? Are you living with honor when you go into hiding because she is in a heightened emotional state? Are you living with honor when you look in the mirror everyday?

A great relationship starts with a honorable relationship with yourself. A woman will always look for certainty in a man and your core values and living honorably will go a long way to attracting the woman of your dreams!

Achievement without personal honor is of no value!

Everyone wants to achieve greatness in life to some level. However, when we achieve something that is not congruent with what we know is true to ourselves, our family, our community, the world…there is little honor in it. Living life with a guilt free conscience, doing what you know to be true and honorable according to your principles is paramount for true achievement and success.

All the best…live with Honor!