Are You Taking The Path of Least Resistance?

The Downward Rush of the Stream…

Some things in life are inevitable. Every year the seasons rotate through Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. Nature is full of examples of the inevitable. Water always tends to flow downstream, taking the path of least resistance until it reaches the sea. It is easy to forget that every thought and action has natural consequences that are also inevitable.
Many actions in life become habits that tend to follow the path of least resistance. I read an interesting statistic by Steve Shapiro on New Year Resolutions that stated “Less than 15% of those over 50 achieve their resolutions every year or every other year, while 39% of those in their twenties achieve their resolutions every year or every other year.”
As a parent and “responsible adult” sometimes the path of least resistance becomes a place of comfort. Being in the comfort zone can provide stability, but it can also keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. 
If you think, “I can’t do what a 20-year old can do because I have kids, a job, and too many responsibilities” Think again! 
My wife has some friends who, a few years ago, packed up everything and travelled around the world for an entire year (21 countries in all). At the time, their children were in 5th and 6th grade! It was a risk, but ultimately they chose to achieve one of their life goals sooner rather than later. It paid off in many different levels. Not only did they enjoy an incredible life experience, but they created a stunning book along the way and donated all the profits to charitable children’s causes. 
While some things in life are inevitable, ask yourself, “Am I going to go with the flow or do something to experience all life has to offer?”  

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  1. James M Murphy
    James M Murphy says:

    Sharon: You are absolutely correct. Too many people fall into the trap of the "lottery" mindset. They want all of the change immediately so they don not have to put consistent effort into a change they desire. To create lasting results, it is better to make the small changes day to day, celebrate them, and then they stick for long term! Thanks for the comments and following along!

  2. Sharon Carlton
    Sharon Carlton says:

    James: Love the water metaphor! Too many of us just "go with the flow", thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings, and acting in the same ways – just because it's familiar and comfortable. Unfortunately, familiar and comfortable do not always lead us to happiness and fulfillment. We're afraid of the new, we're anxious about taking steps that may seem out of our "comfort zone" and we get caught up in our own security needs. To begin the swim against the current, we need to take very small strokes forward, one day at a time. The more we resist the flow by thinking or doing differently, the stronger our strokes will become. Soon, it doesn't feel so much of a struggle. The new seems more familiar and comfortable, and we enter a more fulfilling stream of life.

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