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Is your commitment to your 2012 New Year Resolution fading fast?

Is this going to be another year of telling yourself, “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it!”

And still nothing happens, except looking in the mirror feeling like a failure.

There are three steps to creating change and achieving your New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Create a “compelling” vision that is clear, concise & focused
  2. Get the best tools possible to get there; a map, mentor & coach
  3. Resolve the inner conflicts that prevent your success

Most people can get step number one completed but they stop there.

Perhaps they even get a great coach, mentor or map, but still fail to get results.

The Solution: All Learning, Change & Behavior happens at the unconscious level. It is not about logically “knowing” what you need to do. You need a coach or mentor that will help you to identify and resolve your inner conflicts first. The second step then becomes creating the new habits and behaviors for success.

That is where most people and most coaches fail. Unless someone is trained in how to not only identify the conflicts, but get their clients to resolve them, change never happens at the rate people desire. It takes a very long time!

If your coach or mentor does not have the experience to see the patterns of thinking and behavior that are causing conflict and the skills of NLP, Hypnosis, or Time Line Therapy to resolve them, you are going to fail at your New Year Resolutions.

Call or email today for a Complimentary Strategy Session to make good on your New Year’s Resolutions!

You will identify a clear “compelling” vision, get the best mentor and coach, and have an experience with NLP, Hypnosis and/or Time Line Therapy® in every session to Accelerate Your Success and achieve Rapid Results.

Between now & January 31, 2012 for every person you refer for a Complimentary Strategy Session, you will be entered to win a Color Nook from Barnes & Noble!!! Drawing on February 1, 2012.

You can have the life you have dreamed of this year. It is waiting for you!

To your continued success,

James M. Murphy

Executive & Life Coach
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