Here Are My Three Favorite Resources to Help You Find & Maintain Your Motivation…

There are patterns everywhere in nature, and if you immerse yourself long enough in an area of study, they become evident. One of the patterns I have been experiencing with my clients in the last few months has been the request for resources to stay motivated. With a high level of negativity in the media lately, people are struggle to keep their levels of motivation, inspiration and creativity high.

So, I asked myself, “If I was stranded on a deserted island and could take one resource for motivation & inspiration, one for personal change, and one for pleasure & enjoyment, what would I take?”

Well, this is a harder question to answer than it seems. I have probably seven large bookcases in my basement full of materials, two smaller ones in my office and probably a couple hundred audio CD’s in my library.

After great anguish and deliberation, here is what I would throw in my suitcase if I was stranded on a deserted island.

Motivation & “I can do it!” attitude: Zig Ziglar’s Goals (18-CD’s in 3 parts): “Changing the Picture, Qualities of Success & The Goals Program”

Personal Change: Matthew James: “Huna: Creating Prosperity & Wealth”  (there are great guided meditations in the program to release disempowering emotions, limiting decisions and create change, if you have not taken any courses in NLP, Time Line or Hypnosis, this may be hard to follow at points: a good substitute would be “Empowering Your Life” for the beginner)

To find an answer for anything in life: The Bible (despite your religious preference, the Bible continues to hold an answer for “how” to live a moral, ethical, and fulfilling life in any situation)

My Favorite Fiction books of all time, I could reread forever: James Clavell: “Shogun”   Stephen Ambrose: “D-Day”  Larry Collins: “Is Paris Burning?”   Paul Coehlo: “The Alchemist”  Robert Heinlein: “Starship Troopers (the book) and the best for last—-Orson Scott Card: “Ender’s Game”

OK, so it was greater than three categories but I couldn’t help myself once I got on a roll. They say it is best to take a shower before you realize that you need one and the same goes for staying motivated, inspired and empowered in your life. If you don’t feed your mind healthy messages then chances are the messages it sends you won’t be healthy either. Be proactive and give yourself something great to think about before you realize you are in that funk again.

Love to hear you check in your favorites whether they be book, audio or otherwise! Spread the motivation, inspiration and positive thoughts! The world needs it now more than ever!


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  1. Lori Ferguson
    Lori Ferguson says:

    Great reminder to be proactive and seek inspiration before it’s ‘needed’. One of my favorite books is a little compilation called “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself” by Steve Chandler. And I echo your choice of the Bible as a way to keep a solid footing.

  2. paul
    paul says:

    I have heard so many folks recommend S. Troopers that I shall have to make time to read it; putting that an ender’s game on kindle.

    I concur 100% w your comments about the Bible – even as one who sees it as a document of profound wisdom vice a result of literal translation of divine inspiration, it has all the bases covered.

    Great post, thank you.

    • james
      james says:


      Thanks for taking the time to respond. Starship Troopers is a great book mostly because I enjoy the interesting premise proposed by the author in regards to how the government is set up. It is an interesting twist. Plus, if you enjoy science fiction, it is just a fun read.

      Ender’s Game is another classic science fiction book that really addresses the “boy” psychology in a real and compelling way. It is similiar to the conflicts between characters in another of my favorites, “The Sea Wolf” by Jack London. It is just a great fun book at the same time, and the psychology around the character and plot development of Ender (the main character) is fantastic on many different levels.

      Thanks for the comments, always love the feedback and have a Powerful Day!

      To your continued success,


  3. james
    james says:


    Great to hear from you and I am looking
    forward to getting together again! Happy
    Fouth of July!

    To your oontinued success,


  4. Charles
    Charles says:

    James –
    Thanks for sharing – glad to here several of us enjoy the same wavelength.
    As always – keep up the good work.


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