Tips For a Better Relationship… Opposites attract

When it comes to relationships sometimes what attracts our partner to us the most is the area that we are weakest in.

An introvert attracts an extrovert or an organized person attracts a disorganized person.

Relationships start to lose energy when the focus is shifted to how the other person is not the same as yourself instead of remembering to respect how the differences bring balance.

It takes a strong, centered person to live with a person who it is possible to see all of their weaknesses in. It takes an even stronger person to respect and appreciate them (even when sometimes they are the most frustrating!)

The secret behind passion in a relationship is that opposites attract. Would there be any passion in a relationship where you were married to yourself? AUGH!

The greater the differences, the greater respect for those differences, the greater the polarity and energy in the relationship and the greater the passion!