Are you feeling Froggy?

Are you Feeling Froggy?

Once there were two frogs freezing to death in Yellowstone National Park. Just as they thought they didn’t have the strength or courage to hop one more time, they came upon two different hot springs. One was so hot it was rolling and boiling over, while the other looked warm and inviting like a steaming hot tub.

The first frog was so cold he jumped and landed right in the boiling water. He was a lucky frog and as soon as he hit the water the geyser erupted, he was thrown into the air end over end, and landed in a pine tree. It was from that vantage point he saw a the piles of warm straw needles underneath him. He hopped down and burrowed in to stay warm for a while. He was a little shaken, a little warmer and had a great story to tell. The other frog decided to slowly lower himself into the calm pool of hot water, getting used to it and relaxing. He was not so lucky. As he relaxed more and more he failed to notice the temperature slowly rising. After about a half hour, he was too relaxed to move, and boiled to death.

As of August 31, 2010, I have officially resigned from my position as a Personal Results Coach with Robbins Research International. It has been 11 very fulfilling years and I have grown immensely. I have shared almost 20,000 sessions with my clients and learned more about psychology, human motivation and creating human change than I ever thought possible.

One of the things that I forgot about was life’s lesson that we are always in one of two places: looking where we want to go and jumping or telling ourselves that we deserve some rest after that scary jump we just had. It is tough not to stay in that killer comfort zone. It is always easier and requires less work to be in the comfort zone rather than marshalling the strength to keep jumping over and over and over again. That can get tiring…even for a frog.

One truth of life is that the only way to feel alive is to jump…a lot. That is the only way that we can ever get stronger, more confident, and create self confidence. The comfort zone will always be there to entice and lull people into complacency. It is easy to forget that frogs are made to jump! That is what they were made to do!

My Team Leader in the Army use to ask us before morning training, “So, do you feel froggy today?” I guess I do! Let’s see who can jump the farthest? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What are you too scared to do? What do you fear or procrastinate the most? What is that goal or dream your have given up on? Take that leap of faith! On your mark, get set, JUMP…..

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