Seen Any Superheroes in Tights Lately?

What is it about the resurgence of the Marvel Superheroes and their box office successes?

Over the past years, I have seen the Batman movies, a couple of the Spiderman, Iron Man and even the latest movie, Thor. None of them really got me excited until Captain America hit the big screen this weekend!

Captain America, seen in his Red, White and Blue outfit and bullet proof shield, got my blood pumping again. I never had a lot of comic books as a kid, but I did have Captain America! Perhaps with all of the troubles in the world, it is good to see a hero that truly represents positive ideals and is willing to fight for his country.

Maybe I like him because he is so patriotic and puts his country over his own needs. In our political climate today, that is so important and I really want to believe in our country turning this tough corner.

Maybe it is the fact that there are not a lot of great role models for today’s youth that are based in truth, honor, and the old fashioned American Way. Whatever the case, or a combination of all of them, I purchased an old picture of the original Captain A, and put him on the wall in my office.

Some things in life just seem to breed goodness, and in my mind and heart, Captain America embodies those ideals. America needs someone fighting for her today.

Captain America lives in every entrepreneur who is fighting to create jobs. He is in every policeman, firefighter, and military service member. If every person in the country was willing to give more to the country than themselves, I am sure things would be very different, very quickly.

Captain America just Rocks. He wears the simple Red, White, and Blue of the country he loves and is willing to fight for. He believes in good versus evil and chooses the harder path of Good. That is what makes him powerful and so likable in my mind.

I hope that youth today latch on to the traits and persona of Captain A as much as I did. We all need some heroes these days to keep us inspired, motivated, and focusing on the good in life.

And, if my Superhero had to fight one of the modern day comic heroes of today’s youth, I would still bet my paycheck on Captain America. He could take down Captain Underpants anytime, anyplace, any day!


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