Instant Gratification Sucks!

Instant Gratification Sucks!

Today’s society is based on ease, convenience, and quick service. We want the things that we want instantly to help make life easier. However, instant gratification is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Most people want something for nothing NOW! They want the quick money. I went to a one day business event put on here annually in Phoenix. They had wonderful, inspiring, motivational speakers: Colin Powell, Lute Olsen, Brian Tracy, and Suzie Orman. During part of Suzie’s speech she had everyone in the audience stand up who had consumer debt. About 80% of the people stood (out of 20,000+). She then asked everyone to stand with car loans. Another 10% stood. She then asked everyone with a mortgage to stand; I stood up along with most of the others. Finally, she stated that everyone with a living will or trust sit down. By that time, about 98% of all of the people in the stadium were standing.

The rest of her speech focused on how to live the American Dream and become financially free. She left with a standing ovation from the crowd. What happened next was amazing. The company who sponsored the event promoted their newest software for making money in the stock market. They were smooth and presented the software as easy, fast, and effortless in making money in the stock market. They covered all of the bases: single mom’s were led up onstage and given free training classes and software, there were seminar discounts for signing today, and for only $999, you too, could be a financial superstar. Right now, all of your financial stress, consumer debt, and money worries could be eliminated. If you signed up at the special event prices today you would receive an awesome red tote bag for your materials, a free Q & A session down on the floor of the coliseum, and a FREE lunch to top it all off.

After the sign up break, about 80% of the people had red bags. Most of the missed the boat when it came to the psychology of how to become financially independent. There is no easy way to get there. I bet, the majority of the participants put $999 on a credit card for some instant emotional gratification instead of earning financial independence by saving their 10%, limiting their expenses and maximizing income, living within their means, and focusing on their financial future for the next 30-40 years. They missed the whole point of Suzy Orman’s speech. She said, if you have consumer credit card debt you have to first stop emotional spending and pay down your credit balances. That means you have to lower your current standard of living to an acceptable level where you can live within your means and save your money. Most of those people were not willing to focus and develop a long term plan to become financially independent. They wanted a free lunch to make their financial stresses disappear for the afternoon.

That is why instant gratification sucks. Nothing in life is free. There is a payment that you must make for everything that you want to Be, Do and Have. That is why there are words like success, achievement and accomplishment. I challenge you to develop a long term plan, make your investments today and keep your eye on the long term prize! Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. Keep you eye on your long term goals and dreams and make sure that you take focused action today. Not to feel good in the moment but to overcome the obstacles you have set for yourself to achieve your dreams. Live your dreams today!

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