What really matters…

What really matters…

What many of us forget that when we set our goals in life is that we also set our obstacles at the same time. If we set little goals, we have little obstacles and if we set big, intense goals, we have big, intense obstacles. These obstacles will show up in patterns of behavior that are mental, emotional, and physical in nature. That is why most people give up on dreaming big intense goals…they are subconsciously scared of the big intense obstacles and the change that will happen during the process.

When we do set some of those big, intense goals, what will push and pull us through the rough waters to the other side? I found the answer in the last three weeks. I have been dreaming of building a home in North Carolina for the last two years. We are currently realizing that dream faced a huge obstacle in the process. Our rental contact ended in May and the new house will not be done until end of August. We faced being homeless for a minimum of 3 months. The solution presented itself by the means of an interim move to Colorado. So, the last four weeks have been spent packing, putting everything we have in storage, cleaning, saying our goodbyes, and averaging 4-5 hours of sleep per night. The last week before I left AZ was one of the most emotionally intense weeks of my life; it ranked right up there with the first week of infantry boot camp. In that hectic crazy week, I found that two things helped me through the mental, emotional and physical challenges.

First was staying associated to my dream. I worked hard to keep in mind that I would be achieving one of my life’s biggest goals 5 years earlier than I had set it for; building a home in North Carolina. It carried all sorts of benefits in terms of education for my kids, better health, more financial security, and the possibility of being closer to family. I dreamed of our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and all of the wonderful new experiences that would follow. Many times this was very hard to focus on because right in front of my face were the boxes, lack of sleep, overwhelm, anxiety, lack of exercise, and thoughts of “Why am I putting myself through this hell?”

Second and most important were the people that supported us in the pursuit of our dream. I could not have achieved this goal without them. When people know that you are moving, they usually do one of two things: distance themselves from you because it is too painful, or they rise to an incredible level of selflessness to support you in any way possible. It is these friends, family, and wonderful souls that I am very grateful for. They opened their homes to us, fed us dinner, offered to help us move and some went out of their way to stop and wish us well.

Life is about setting HUGE, CRAZY, EMOTIONALLY INTENSE goals that allow you to experience life at its fullest. If you are not growing, you are dying. By setting those goals, remember that you are setting huge obstacles to overcome that will challenge every aspect of your mental, emotional and physical abilities. You will not be able to do it alone. Invest and build relationships outside of yourself and your immediate family. Give selflessly to help others in achieving their goals and when you need them, they will be there for you too. Be ready for the intense emotional life changes.
Tony Robbins once said that the success you achieve in life is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty you can handle. Uncertainty represents the obstacles put in motion with huge goals.

Set some Huge Crazy Life Goals. When was the last time you supported a friend or someone else in achieving theirs? Make it happen today!

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