How to Change the World…

Do you remember some of the great experiments you did in science class when you were in middle school? I remember watching the after school show, “Zoom” and they always had some wonderful home experiments.

I especially loved the science experiment about static electricity where you rubbed the balloon on your head and it would stick on the wall. There was also the trick of running a black comb through your hair, turning on a small stream of water out of the faucet and then putting it next to the water. I was fascinated that the static energy in the comb would actually bend the stream of water towards the comb.

In the book, Power VS Force by David Hawkins, Ph. D., emotional states were tested using kinesiology on a relative index of 1-1,000. There was a direct correlation between the emotional state of a person and the power/force they simultaneously exhibited through their muscle strength.

Some of the correlations between the emotional states and an individual’s relative strength were: Shame (20), Guilt (30), Fear (100), Anger (150), Courage (200), Neutral (250), Acceptance (350), Love (500), Joy (540), Peace (600), and Enlightenment (700-1,000).

Imagine that you kept running the comb of life through your hair in a state of Shame, Guilt or Fear and created very little energy. How much of that water stream would you be able to impact or attract towards yourself? What thoughts, people, and events would you be able to influence in those lower emotional states? My thought is not too many!

However, if you ran that comb through your hair everyday and charged it to the maximum with those higher states of Love, Joy, and Peace, how large of an impact would you have on that stream of water? What thoughts, people, and events would you be able to “bend towards you” in those higher emotional states? How would you be able to bend the normal stream of everyday life in a different way that would help to change your life, the life of others and the world?

When we take actions to engage life with high energy and run that comb through our hair in the morning so that it has the maximum charge throughout the day, we attract more positive people, events, and thoughts to us. By simply changing your emotional state to a higher level more consistently, you can’t help but attract better people, experiences, and thoughts into your life.

There are many ways to charge your life. For men, it is through physical activity and recreation. Women can charge their life by being relieved of the responsibility to be everything and do everything for everyone.

I would encourage you to continue to keep taking actions to run that comb of Love, Joy and Peace through your hair everyday! You will attract more positive people, events, and thoughts into your life. You can change your life, the lives of others, and the world!