The Power of Prosperity

One of my dearest clients sent me a gift many years ago. It is a book by Catherine Ponder, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.” In order to have a fulfilling, purposeful and prosperous life, a person needs to to build and create something that is a powerful emotional experience that will help others to build and create their own experience. I am always looking for ways to understand what prevents someone from creating their experience. As I read Catherine’s book yesterday, I was hit by one of the greatest “Ah-Ha” moments I have had in quite a while.

But before I get to that…let me reference one other concept. The steps to building that emotional experience according to Napolean Hill are:
1. Connect with your Purpose or Burning Desire
2. Believe and Trust in yourself and the value of your actions
3. Organize a plan of action and even more importantly take action
4. Never Give Up! Perseverance does pay off! Read Blog

Notice that Step 1 is to Connect with your Burning Desire. The sentance that provided the “Ah-Ha” was:
“If you suppress those deep desires, they have no constructive outlet and often turn into destructive channels expressed as neurotic tendencies, phobias, tension, or perhaps as suppression that finds outlet through alcoholism, mental illness, dope addiction, sexual imbalance or other negative actions.”

If you don’t have a connection to your burning desire, do you have connection to where it may be coming out in a negative way? What are your habits, actions or thoughts that are preventing you from bring in touch with your desire? Follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to the source to find what it is. Once the negative actions and behaviors are cleared up you will have easier access to your desire.

So, “what do you really desire in life?” Get past the superficial stuff of a bagel for breakfast or your Starbucks coffee. The only way to really find out is to take out a pen and paper, in a quiet space, and start to write.

You were made for a special purpose and you have a need, a burning desire way deep down inside, that is waiting to be harnessed and expressed. Be curious and resourceful with how you can build and create with it. Learn to channel it productively because if it is suppressed, the desire will have to manifest itself in destructive ways.

People who do great things are connected with that burning desire. It doesn’t matter if that burning desire is only a tiny little flicker of a flame on a match. If you continue to feed it, give it oxygen and have it grow, it will become a focused raging inferno, a good healthy fire that will move the world. When you connect and create with your deep emotional desire, you will prosper.

To your continued Success,


PS-If you know anyone who is have a hard time connecting with their purpose and desire, have them give me a call to see if we could be a match working together. A referral is the greatest gift you can give.