Are you ready for next Friday on Monday? 7-Step Weekly Planning Sheet

The best way to have a KILLER WEEKEND in 5 days is to get the most out of this work week! The following 7-Step process was developed by A. Drexler and D. Sibbet of “The Grove” will help you do just that. I have adapted it from a Group Planning Process to an Executive Coaching Planning/Motivational System to prepare for your upcoming business week.

Step 1: Get Purposeful as to the “WHY” you are in business. 

Answer: “Why am I here?” Connect with your purpose for being in business on a macro to micro level. Answer the question until you are free of any uncertainty and fear of upcoming challenges or issues for the week.

Step 2: Get clear on your business’s identity.

Answer: “Who are you and your business in terms of values, ethics and moral compass?” Answer this question until you can overcome any issues regarding trust or caution from a customer. Focus on your reliability, regard to self and others, and can be forthright in who you are.

Step 3: Clarification of Goals.

Answer: “What are we doing? What are outcomes for the month, week?” Answer these questions until you have overcome skepticism, apathy or competitiveness with others. Get grounded in clear goals and a common vision. Be specific and explicit…be wary of assumptions and expectations that are general.

Step 4: Strategize and Commit.

Answer: “How will I do it?” Overcome dependence on other, a victim “I don’t know how attitude” and any other resistance that comes up mentally, emotionally or action plan oriented. Assign yourself a business role, allocate resources and make clear, firm and concise decisions.

Step 5: Implement and Act!

Answer: “When am I going to do what, when, where and how?” Then do it! Allocate time in your calendar and do it! There is no substitution for action. Follow as many clear processes as possible and be disciplined in executing, free of distractions.

Step 6: Be flexible and enjoy high performance.

Overcome disharmony and overload as you are in action. Appreciate successes and stay flexible with some spontaneity in your plans. Catch the “WOW” moments!

Step 7: Anchor in the successes and capture the energy of success. Celebrate.

Stay in a place of recognition and persistence. Create positive strategies to answer, “Why Continue tomorrow?” Make sure that you renew and reconnect WHY!

This process moves a person, group or business from development to optimal performance. It is interesting to note that it also follows the line of thinking that in order for a person or business to really succeed, proper strategy, planning and focus are necessary first and foremost.

To your continued success,


This information was adapted from, “The Decision Book.” by M. Krogerous & R. Tschappeler