THis is your life…

This is Your Life…

Let me start today by saying, “Thank You” for the positive and encouraging feedback that I have received for the “Thought of the Week.” With life being fast paced and crazy, it is good to know that there is value in what is being offered each week.

Many thoughts and inspirational moments come from running. It is a great time for reflection and contemplation. However, this week, inspiration came in the form of a song on the radio. The refrain simply stated,

“This is your life, are you who you want to be?”
Sometimes the simplest statements have the most profound impact. We all have many different aspects to who we are and whether or not we are aware of it, an identity is attached to each one. We have a picture, thought or feeling of who we are, how we picture ourselves, and what we believe. We all MUST act and behave in accordance with our identity or else there is conflict.

If the answer to, “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” is no, then create a new identity for yourself and take and IMMEDIATE action to have it become the life you want it to be.

The other day when I opened the door of the refrigerator and was about to partake in a can of unflavored bubbly water, I remembered that question, “This is my life, am I who I want to be?” My mind screamed out the answer, “NO.” The carbonation in the water is not good for weight reduction, it dehydrates the body. So, I asked myself, “What would a healthy, vibrant, and “in charge of life” guy do instead?” I received a different answer, “eat that cucumber that you peeled last night for just this occasion.” So, I did.

You may ask yourself, “but does such a small decision really matter? Absolutely, nothing is too small to celebrate when it comes to creating a change in your life to become who you want to be. That action made all of the difference because in that moment when I chose something different, I saw myself different. I took control of my life and I saw myself as a healthy, vibrant, and “in charge of life” guy. And, that is who I want to continue to become. “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” If not, define a new self, take action now, and turn the answer to that question into a resounding, “YES!”

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