Procrastinating Success

Imagine that it is Sunday evening and you are sitting down mapping out your priorities for the week. You have created your capture sheets, chunked things into manageable groups, prioritized and mapped out blocks of time to create your dreams this week. However, you have an uneasy feeling because some one of things that you wanted to complete last week (including the Thought of the Week) somehow were not completed.

Do you:
A. Find yourself Monday morning overcome with guilt and continue to procrastinate. After all, you are a coach that supports people to overcome and achieve. It could be considered a loss of integrity to not follow through with your business goals. How can you help others be more consistent if you are not holding yourself to that higher standard?
B. Tell yourself that it is all OK that it wasn’t completed last week. After all, you did plenty of other things to justify not getting it done. For instance, completed a half marathon, took care of the kids while the wife was out of town, recruited more coaching clients, worked on some speeches, etc, etc, etc…
C. Experience the pain of the loss of integrity with yourself, learn what there is to learn from it so that you can do it better next time, and make a commitment and take action to complete it.

In reality, no one even emailed or called me last week to say that they missed my Thought of the Week. I did get some positive responses stating people enjoyed it. The point is this. How often are you out of integrity with what YOU have set for yourself to succeed or do, regardless of if other people even noticed, and it just fades away? What impact does that have on self confidence in the long run? What does it cost you little by little in your ability to succeed and feel good about yourself?

I had a referral once from a close friend and after doing some research became intimidated by this referral’s level of success. I made a half hearted attempt to call and sell my coaching services. However, the note with his number stayed on my desk for months and every time that I saw it, I knew that I did not follow through. How could I call this referral after all of the procrastination, lack of follow up, and what would he think of my coaching skills if I couldn’t hold myself accountable? Well, I called him up for several weeks consistently with the answer to that question in mind, “He could consider me a top notch coach because I was able to remember that I was not in integrity with myself, follow up consistently, and I did not just let it go.”

Success in life and business come from following up on what you commit to do and then don’t. Success comes at many different times, after a great speaking presentation, a fully engaged and energetic coaching session, and after just following up with those small things that are easily swept aside in order to keep my integrity with myself. I wish for you the same!

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