How will you run your life this week?

How to Run Life This Week

How are you going to Run your life this week? There are many different runner types. If you were running the race of your life this week and came up to the traffic light that was red, how would you approach getting across the street? Would you:

A. Stop, rest, and wait for green light and then proceed?
B. Stop, jog in place, wait for the green light and then proceed?
C. Keep running once you get to the corner by stepping off of the curb, running in the bike lane into the oncoming traffic until there was an opening, cross into the middle of the street between both lanes of traffic and run back towards the intersection until there was a break in the oncoming traffic from the opposite direction, and then cross back over onto the curb on the opposite side of the street?

Each answer poses interesting looks into the psychology behind the choice. All are appropriate at different times based on a person’s ability to manage risk, stay focused on outcomes, and still enjoy the run.

Yesterday, I found myself putting off running because it was raining here in Arizona. I ended up running, choosing option C, and having one of the best runs of my life. How are you going to choose to run your life this week when you are faced with challenges? Will you stop and wait to take action until something changes, will you stop and pretend that what you doing is really making progress when it is not thereby distracting yourself, or will you take on the challenges headfirst by not stopping no matter what the obstacles are and arrive on the other side of the street with a greater sense of pride, confidence and achievement?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention…if you choose option A or B, who says that the light will change anytime soon…you may be waiting for a long time…Take Control of Your Life and Keep Running!

To your continued success,


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