FREE Executive Coaching Package Giveaway!

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Thanks to the generosity of one of my clients, I am doing a Giveaway this week and offering a new client a FREE 3-months Executive Coaching contract!


Let me explain:  I have had the pleasure of coaching an extremely successful business owner in Georgia for many years. Our recent coaching has been on the psychology of wealth, wealth management and wealth creation.

One of the most powerful principles of wealth is that of tithing. If you have read The Richest Man in Babylon, The Wealthy Barber or any of Catherine Ponder’s books, it is one of the foundational principles that allows people to move from a scarcity to an abundance mentality.

My client paid in full for a 3-month coaching contract and wants to donate it. He has asked me to find someone who is truly in need and would be able to take full advantage of this opportunity.

The Ideal Participant:

Someone who is facing a deep emotional life issue dealing with business, finances, or relationships. The person needs to be open to using skills and tools involving hypnosis and NLP. They also should possess a STRONG desire for change in their life and a “do whatever it takes” attitude to make it happen. As always, they should be open and coachable and be willing to commit to all six sessions.


  • Introductory “Success-Now” Session
  • 3-month Coaching Contract with sessions two times/month (total of six 45-min sessions)
  • Evolution for Success’s custom “Coaching Journal”
  • My 30-Days for Success online program and accompanying workbook
  • A copy of “More…” a six month daily planning journal

The total value of this program is $1057.

Application Process:

Fill out the attached Coaching Questionnaire and send it to me by 10pm Eastern standard time on Friday, February 27th.  For questions and to get the coaching questionnaire from me directly, please email

All applications will be collected and assigned a number based on their submission date. A RANDOM drawing will be conducted to select the recipient of the Coaching Package. The final recipient will be notified the week of March 2nd to set up their initial “Success-Now” session. I will call all remaining candidates personally that same week.

Thank you for your support and let’s help someone change their life!


PS: In the interest of confidentiality, the final recipient’s name will not be announced on my website or any social media, and will not be used for marketing purposes whatsoever.  This executive coaching giveaway is truly a gift.