Bumper Sticker Bonanza

Bumper Sticker Bonanza

I had a very interesting ride to Colorado Springs last week. I was on a mission to return my vacuum cleaner for repair when there it was, the bumper sticker that changed my life. As I read it over and over, I sat absolutely stunned. It is not often that I am speechless, but in that moment, my tongue was tied in a triple knot that was never coming undone. Children, cover your eyes. The bumper sticker said, “Will f*@k for Gas” and has a woman’s silhouette bending over. WOW! I know the news about the economy has not been favorable lately, but there it was in plain sight. I was shocked, dismayed, and wondered about the psychology of the person who would put that message on their car.

Irony seems to follow me around, maybe since my last name is Murphy, and as I sat there in shock another car pulled up to the left of the lady in front of me and had a bumper sticker that stated, “Namaste: The divine in me blesses and honors the divine in you.” Somebody somewhere was sending me a message. I didn’t have too much time to contemplate as the light turned green and we all went our separate ways.

Isn’t that how life is? It seems like we are always being served two different messages: the glass is half full or the glass is half empty. But more importantly, who do we become as we assimilate all of the messages we are bombarded with? What are the defining character traits of the person with the gas bumper sticker versus the person with the Namaste sticker?

James Allen wrote a great book called, “As a Man Thinketh.” It’s basic premise is easy and simple. As you think, so you are. Who are you and what are you feeding your brain? Do you spend your day immersed in self help, hopeful messages, positive thinking, and the glass half full or do you belittle yourself and others with negative thoughts, watch the evening news, soap operas, and that ever popular show, Cops?

My point is this, “Stand guard at the doorway of your mind. What you let in is what you become.” Try this as a self guided technique, right before you go to bed pull out a journal and write down 8-10 things you are truly grateful for that day. Then write down a commitment for yourself to wake up a certain time the next morning having gotten all of the sleep that you need to be rested and refreshed. Then commit to 3-5 specific things you are going to accomplish the next day that really have some meaning for you. See what happens at the end of the week. Watch what you feed your mind, feed it good, happy, positive thoughts and experiences and you will enrich your life.

The Divine in me blesses and honors the Divine in you, Namaste.

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