Brick by brick

Daily Double…

A true life story…

Once there was a gentleman from India who came to the Unites States in 1972. He received a green card and started to work very hard. In 1974, he went back to India to bring back his bride and start a new life together. H started a family and has two great children. In the meantime, he took the American entrepreneurial spirit to heart and while working full time went back to college full time to gain a degree in Computer Science and Business management. After he had been working for a while doing very well he was laid off from a very large national firm and could not find work. He hunted and hunted and finally found a great job in Washington, DC. The problem was that his wife and kids loved Raleigh, NC. So, he now commutes back and forth between Raleigh and DC, with a job he loves, a family he loves, and a wife who also works hard. She helped to raise the kids by herself, while working full time, and stayed active in the local Indian community. This mans children are now a doctor and a lawyer, I wonder why?

Just another story of greatness, lying within the depths of what this great country has to offer.

Grab your dreams and goals! Stay open to the opportunities that you create for yourself. If you are looking for something from the government you already have it…the ability to work hard and create a life you choose too, not one that is handed to you. That is the difference between the government/labor union workers and the independent thinkers and entrepreneurs who really drive this country forward!

BUILD YOUR DREAMS TODAY! (brick by brick!)