Meet Our Coaching Team

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James Murphy

Executive Coaching for Raleigh Business OwnersTrained by Tony Robbins, James is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy. As an Executive Coach, with 15 years of full time coaching experience & over 25,000 sessions, James can help you achieve your professional & personal goals.

James’s background and extensive experience enables him to quickly identify and address the real issues preventing his clients from getting what they want rather than spend endless sessions focusing on the symptoms of the problem. Being able to see patterns of behavior quickly means his clients get results quicker and get results that stick.

Over the years, he has successfully coached top level Executives, Business Owners, and Service Professionals such as financial advisors, attorneys, IT consultants, realtors, and health care professionals from leading corporations such as General Mills, Dish Networks, IBM, Cisco, Fidelity, Robert Half International and Societe Generale in 14 different countries across 5 continents.


Debbie DeVoe

Debbie DeVoe Life Coach and Executive CoachDebbie DeVoe joined the Evolution for Success’s Coaching team in 2015. James and Debbie met in early 2000 while both employed as Executive Coaches by world renowned Self-help guru, Anthony Robbins. Debbie has an extensive and diverse, intellectual and experiential coaching background. She has been helping clients achieve their personal and professional outcomes for nearly 15 years. She has helped to improve the lives of hundreds of people throughout the world with over 14,000 coaching sessions to date. Debbie has a true knack for “stepping into” the client’s world, where she is able to assist in finding the right solutions for their goals and challenges.

Debbie earned her coaching credentials through the Anthony Robbins Coaches Academy in 2000 and has received awards multiple times for her superior performance as a coach, and been recognized as one of the top 15% of executive coaches in the Anthony Robbins company.  Debbie has been a member of Coachville since 2001 and has been certified as an Emotional Intelligence & Grief Coach.     

Debbie has a Sales and Marketing background and has served on numerous boards, including the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation since 2011. During her time on the board, she was instrumental in helping to construct a local monument to honor all veterans and set up and guidelines for the foundation to award Veterans Assistance grants.  She believes in giving back and has contributed over 5,000 hours to various organizations.

Debbie coaches from home in Colorado and her greatest accomplishments include her 33 year marriage to Todd, raising three beautiful and amazing daughters, six Grandchildren and serving as a U.S. Navy family Ombudsman during Desert Storm.  Debbie also established a $1,000 College scholarship fund which is awarded annually in memory of a young local swimmer who was killed by a drunk driver.