Peak Performance Coaching: the proof is in the psychotherapy pudding

by James Murphy

There are many parallels between coaching and psychotherapy in “how” the behavioral modification system is set up to support a client. An study conducted by the Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies, public release date: 22-Mar-2007, concluded that clients diagnosed with depression, who also received an antidepressant drug treatment and phone-based therapy as treatment, made an improvement in their life. The results were very positive.

As outlined in the blog entry of March 21, 2007 “What is Coaching?” metaphorically, the coaching process is like a number line from zer0 to ten. Zero is where you are now and ten is where you want to go. Psychotherapy has the inverse model that goes from zero to negative ten. It focuses on where you are now at zero and where are the issues in your past that are holding you back, negative ten. From there, the model and system for treatment is almost identical, minus the drug treatment. They define where the client wants to be, what is preventing them from achieving it, and look to use tools to create anew system of thinking that will support the greatest amount of change and wholeness for the client. Note the studies results below.

“With close to 400 patients, this is the largest study yet of psychotherapy delivered over the telephone,” said Evette J. Ludman, PhD, senior research associate, Group Health Center for Health Studies, the paper’s lead author. “It’s also the first to study the effectiveness of combining phone-based therapy with antidepressant drug treatment as provided in everyday medical practice.”

Long-term positive effects of initially adding phone-based therapy included improvements in patients’ symptoms of depression and satisfaction with their care, said Ludman. At 18 months, 77 percent of those who got phone-based therapy (but only 63 percent of those receiving regular care) reported their depression was “much” or “very much” improved. Those who received phone-based therapy were slightly better at taking their antidepressant medication as recommended, but that did not account for most of their improvement. And effects were stronger for patients with moderate to severe depression than for those with mild depression.

“We were surprised at how well the positive effects were maintained over time,” said Ludman. “As with weight control, maintaining improvement is the hardest part of treating depression.”

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here:

With almost 8 years of coaching and over 16,000 telephone coaching sessions, telephone coaching works to support personal change. The process is greatly accelerated by hiring a coaching with skills and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP. NLP is a model of excellence that identifies “how” someone creates their outcomes. Then, easy and effective strategies are used clear up those issues from a clients past (zero to negative ten) and provide the client with instant change. A person can easily and effortlessly let go of unresolved emotional experiences from the past, change limiting beliefs and value systems and move forward with a telephone based coaching system to establish more empowering behaviors, actions and results. NLP processes combined with telephone coaching create results in a persons life. Your success is unlimited.

Many long term clients create a journal that is priceless in its content. It is a masterpiece built on their coaching experience. It contains the psychology of achievement, behavioral modification techniques, goals, challenges, accomplishments and results that are an irreplaceable reference tool.

If a telephone based therapy system achieves results in psychotherapy then the same system in coaching must achieve results also. The proof is in the NLP/Coaching pudding. Contact if you want more results Now!

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